Can I use a permalink like "/category-slug/post-slug/" when categories are configured to not have the prefix "/category/"?


I am creating a news site with WordPress and Frontity, and I have some problems with the permanent links of the articles.

I configured the posts to have a permanent link like “”. And in the categories, I removed the prefix from the categories, leaving something like “”.

However, I am having trouble making this work, after configuring state.source.categoryBase in Frontity settings, to configure the custom category prefix. Now, the posts are giving 404 error.

Is it possible to use this my special configuration for permanent links in Frontity? How to do it (if is possible)?


GitHub of my project: GitHub - henriquepicanco/frontity-cubo-atomico
Vercel production site example:

Hi @henriquepicanco

Welcome to the Frontity community - great to see that you’re using Frontity for your news site project.

Can you provide a link to a repo so that community members can look at your code and clone your project if necessary. Also if your WordPress site is on a publicly accessible server then that helps in diagnosing your issue.

Please see here for the information you can provide that will help the community to help you.


Here’s the GitHub repository: GitHub - henriquepicanco/frontity-cubo-atomico

I also put online, through Vercel, an example site of this code. Accessible at:

I also took the liberty of editing my original publication with this new content.

Although the information on my sample site is in Portuguese (the final site will also be in Portuguese, but it doesn’t matter now), any translation request will help me to help you in this case, please get in touch.