API first request always 404

So after I changed the API URL in the setting, the first page i try to load always return 404. I changed “https://test.frontity.io/wp-json” to like “http://localhost/something/wp-json” and now the first page it tried to load always return 404, when I click the other pages via menu they are fine…

Hi @serge.jerkezian, welcome to the community :blush:

  • What are you using to create your local WP REST API?
  • Have you verified your local WP installation is properly working? → You should be able to get a reponse in your browser from URL’s in the form: https://<%your-local-domain%>/wp-json/wp/v2/posts?_embed=true&page=2
  • What is the content of your frontity.settings.js?

Here you a Gettting Started Guide in case you want to start over from scratch

Hope this helps

BTW… What are you building with Frontity?