ACF Options page


I just can’t figure it out: how can I access the ACF options page and the data inside?

I’m using the acf-to-rest-api plugin and the API endpoint is right there: /wp-json/acf/v3/options/options

But I just don’t know how to use it inside mars-theme.

Thank you!

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Hi @countfak, and welcome!

The plugin you mention adds the custom fields data to the REST API response of the post type they are attached to. For example, if you add a custom field to post, let’s say, my-field, this custom field will be returned along with the post data when fetching a post.

As Frontity doesn’t modify the REST API response, the ACF info will be available in the same property it comes.

REST API response:

Accessing that prop in Frontity:

const data = state.source.get("/hello-world/");
const post = state.source[data.type][]; // This is the REST API response

const myField = post.acf["my-field"]; // The ACF info is in the same place.

I hope I’ve helped.

Greetings. :blush:

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Hi David, thank you for your reply.

Everything sounds clear, the point is that the custom fields inside the Options page are usually available globally so you can access them from every page: I never directly fetch the Options page so that I can access its custom fields from it, that’s not even possible as far as I know.

For reference:

Maybe I’m missing something, I will keep on trying, but some real-world examples would be helpful.


Hi again!

I misunderstood your question, sorry. You are right, you cannot use actions.source.fetch directly to fetch the ACF options page as it isn’t a post type with a public URL pointing to it. However, you can already do that writing your own handler to accept some custom pattern to retrieve that data. Handlers are the piece of code that decide what must be requested from WP and stored in the Frontity state (more info on handlers here). It would be something like this:

Inside mars-theme/src/index.js

// Custom handler for ACF options
const acfOptionsHandler = {
  pattern: "acf-options-page",
  func: async ({ route, state, libraries }) => {
    // 1. Get ACF option page from REST API.
    const response = await libraries.source.api.get({
      endpoint: `/acf/v3/options/options`
    const option = await response.json();

    // 2. Add data to `source`.
    const data = state.source.get(route);
    Object.assign(data, { ...option, isAcfOptionsPage: true });

const marsTheme = {
  name: "@frontity/mars-theme",
  roots: { /* ... */ },
  state: { /* ... */ },
  actions: { /* ... */ },
  libraries: {
    html2react: { /* ... */ },
    source: {
      // Add the custom handler for ACF options defined above.
      handlers: [acfOptionsHandler]

Then, wherever in your code you can use:

// Fetch the `options` page (if it isn't fetched yet).
await actions.source.fetch("acf-options-page");
// Get the fetched data stored in state.
const data = state.source.get("acf-options-page");

// You will have in `data` something like:
// data = {
//   isAcfOptionsPage: true,
//   acf: { /* custom fields */ }
// }

I’m not sure if this would work in your case because ACF Options Page seems to be a per-pay feature and I haven’t tested it, but give it a try and let me know if it worked!

BTW, we are improving the design of how to fetch non-URL data from the REST API using actions.source.fetch (like your case), as there is some trouble (specially with error handling).


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Hi again David,

I’m getting this error:
Can not use keyword 'await' outside an async function

It’s related to this part:

I’m not sure I understood the “wherever in your code” part.

Thanks a lot for your help.

If you need that data to be accessible for all the URLs, you can do the fetch in the beforeSSR action:

const marsTheme = {
  name: "@frontity/mars-theme",
  roots: { /* ... */ },
  state: { /* ... */ },
  actions: {
    theme: {
      beforeSSR: async ({ state, actions }) => {
        // This will make Frontity wait until the ACF options
        // page has been fetched and it is available
        // using state.source.get("acf-options-page").
        await actions.source.fetch("acf-options-page");
  libraries: { /* ... */ },

beforeSSR means “before server side rendering”:

Then, you can access the data in your connected React components:

const MyComp = ({ state }) => {
  const options = state.source.get("acf-options-page");
  return <div>...</div>;

export default connect(MyComp);

By the way, we are no experts in ACF. Are there more endpoints that don’t belong to a post/taxonomy like this one?

I’m asking because if that’s the case, maybe we could do a Frontity package that adds all the needed handlers.

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Hey Luis,

works like a charm now. Thank you.

I don’t know if there are other endpoints like Options that need some custom code in order to get them.
Every other ACF custom field is added to the REST API response of the post type they are attached to, as David mentioned in his first post.

Anyway, take a look here:

Options Page is a very popular addon for sure and it’s part of the PRO version of ACF. You should definitely take ACF into consideration while developing Frontity.

Great job by the way.

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Thanks Marco! I’m glad it worked. We need to create better guides of beforeSSR.

Hey @countfak we would love to see what you are building once it’s ready! I invite you to post it here