Need help retrieving options page data, previous forums haven't helped

Hey all,

I am attempting to retrieve the options page data for a theme i’m building. I followed the previous threads like:


but I am still finding no success.

I am attempting to hit this endpoint:

to just see the data BUT the problem i’m having is that the handler i’m making isn’t added to the frontity.libraries.source and I don’t know why.

Here is a link to clone my repo:

git clone Bitbucket

I just updated it and made it public. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

Hi @brian.tucker

Welcome to the Frontity community.

You may need to use libraries.source.api.get to fetch the data from a specific endpoint such as

You will then also need to add the fetched data into the state using libraries.source.populate, as libraries.source.api.get doesn’t automatically populate the state in the way that actions.source.fetch does.

Would i be attempting to use that in the beforeSSR? I was able to view the acfOptionsHandler in frontity.libaries.source now but the data for the options is not be fetched. I tried using ‘libraries.source.api.get’ and then populating, but i found no success.

I followed your instructions on how to add the Wordpress menus and got a better understanding of handlers. But not able to replicate the addition of this handler using a seperate file, i get the error “cannot read property ‘startswith’ of undefined”

When keeping the handler inside the root index, it adds to the frontity.libaries.source fine. Really not sure why the data isn’t fetching.

Any other insight would appreciated, thank you for the help so far!

Making a handler isn’t that complex, although there’s a minor “feature” (aka issue) with patterns which look like regular URL’s.

The following should work (not tested):

export const acfHandler = {
    name: "acf-options",
    priority: 10,
    pattern: "@acf/options",
    func: async ({ link, params, state, libraries }) => {
      const { api } = libraries.source;
      const { slug } = params;
      // 1. fetch   the data you want from the endpoint page
      const response = await api.get({
        endpoint: `/acf/v3/options/options`,
      // 2. get an array with each item in json format
      const items = await response.json();
      // 3. add data to source
      const currentPageData =[link];
      Object.assign(currentPageData, {
        items: items,
        isAcfOptions: true,
  export default acfHandler;

I was able to get the file to work with this, thanks! I’m still struggling to fetch the data from the endpoint though

I was able to get it to work, I had to combine my beforeSSR functions and use a Promise.all on the fetch calls. I am able to see the options now though. Thank you @mburridge & @Johan for the help!

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