Wordpress Sidebar in Frontity React

Hi - I’m using the mars theme for Frontity, but I’ve no idea how to display the Wordpress Sidebar? Anyone know how to do this? I assume it would be done as a component?

Hey meggsp. Do you have a bite more info what you are referring to?
If you are referring to a sidebar on the blog page for example, you will need to create a component for it which you then render based on some conditions.
Once you have that you can place sidebar content within wordpress widgets and query it via the REST api to display the data.


that’s exactly what i’m after, but as new to frontity/react i’m trying to find the solution. this should do it, thankyou :slight_smile:

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Have been there as well, when I started with Frontity so I am glad I could help.
Good luck with your Frontity website.

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