WordCamp US 2019

Hey there!

@luisherranz and I will be attending WordCamp US this year. If any of you will be there we would love to meet!

Ps. We will bring Frontity t-shirts and stickers to gift :slight_smile:

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Wish I could be there, but I am in Europe till January. Wish you guys the best! :slight_smile:


Thanks Sha! Enjoy your time in Europe :blush:

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you should come to wordpress Boise!

Thanks for the invitation @josh! Are you part of that WordCamp? Right now it’s a bit difficult to attend, as no one from our team is based in the US, but we can help you make a presentation there and introduce Frontity to your community!

I am part. I just recently found you guys so now it would be a bit late notice. It’s coming up in Nov, 15th.

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We wish you the best for the WordCamp!