WIP - Proper Approach using Gutenberg?


I’ve been using Frontity currently to build a site for a client and I am loving it so far!

Just a question about using the Gutenberg editor and blocks. What is the proper approach to using the blocks in your opinion?

Currently, I just have it set up using one custom HTML block for each page. However, I was wondering what is best practices for this? Do you use multiple HTML blocks and break it up by sections? Do you build multiple Wordpress pages to hold different contents of components?

Just wondering how others are doing this and what are the pros/cons of one way or another.

Screenshot is how I have it in the editor, and what its rendering:

I think you can create a custom block for Gutenberg and use a processor with html2react for apply styles in the frontity theme create, or add the css to paint the block in global styles.

In my opinion, this workflow is painful, and I have developed a tool that allows you to create custom blocks from html and css.

The design of the blocks is sent in the rest api, so you can see in your frontity theme without doing anything.

The plugin is https://wordpress.org/plugins/heliblocks/
And the tool to create blocks is https://heliblocks.com/

Hope it helps you


Very Interesting! I’ll definitely give some of these a try. I’m about to rebuild my portfolio using frontity because I’m loving it so much.

I actually found that if you just put any structural HTML in blocks, and wrapped it around any type of text or element blocks - that also does the job so that way in my use case - my client - can still at least type into the regular Wordpress editor so they can edit text without having to know how to code.