Which page builder is best for designing website in Frontity?

Hello Everyone,
I am WordPress designer and developer. Now I want to design a new website in Frontity. But I need some help in selecting a page builder. Kindly suggest me a lightweight and best page builder for designing website. And also guide me about SEO relevant plugin. I will be very thankful if anyone can help me.
Regards: Michel John

Hi, Welcome to the Frontity forums.

To answer your question; if you’re looking for a page builder like Oxygen, Elementor or Divi, then you’re out of luck.
They can be made to work with Frontity, but will require a lot of coding to make it work, or worse, build everything twice.

Frontity is designed to work on it’s own templates which are built in React and only retrieve raw data from WordPress.
Content from Gutenberg does work, and as said before can be made to work with other page builders, but it won’t be as easy as plug-and-play.

Have you seen this?