Where should we include the architecture needed to use Frontity and WordPress?

We were thinking that it must be pretty clear that users will need a different architecture to run Frontity, especially for users coming from WordPress.

I can see you have discussed the different possibilities at this topic >> Potential Supported Integrations. Maybe we should include this on the docs. What do you feel?

I was thinking of creating a page called “Integrations” explaining why it is necessary a different architecture (as in GitHub) and a summary of the different possibilities and their advantages. And after that, create subpages explaining each one in detail and recommending solutions to make it easier.

We can also link these pages from the FAQ and the getting started, just to make sure people understand they will need a different architecture.

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First of all, I think that using the name “integration” is a bit confusing, maybe “installation” or “installation & deployment” are better.

I support your idea of creating a whole page with subpages to explain this, and link to it from the FAQ and the Getting Started.

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In case it might help @SantosGuillamot, in the Ionic Framework docs they have an introduction with different pages to explain the fundamentals and core concepts of the framework: https://beta.ionicframework.com/docs.

Maybe it’s a good idea to include a similar introduction with concepts like this about the architecture.

I’ve been thinking about this a bit more, and I think we should create a page called Installation & Deploys under the Guides section, and create different subpages for every supported installation.

@SantosGuillamot What do you think?

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Let me know if I can contribute to the docs and bring this to life for the project


Thanks @sodiq.akinjobi :blush:

Stay tuned! We will ask for collaboration to improve the docs soon. Meanwhile, if you find any part of the doc that could be improved, please open a new topic on this subforum with your suggestion!

Lets try to get to a one click install ?

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Yeah sure, I totally agree. I will be working on this during these days. Hope to have it as soon as possible, I’ll let you know.

That’s amazing. Right now our docs are hosted in gitbook but I think we can create an account for you. What aspects of the framework would you like to write about?

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