What would you advise to use Frontity or Vue in my situation?

Hi everyone!

I have a WP project in which a significant part of the view is written in Vue 2 (MPA mode, about 100+ components). The source code of the components is compiled using Vue-CLI in a folder independent of the WP. After build process the bundles are sent to the WP plugins, and connected in the right places with necessary data.

Now I am considering the possibility of making a complete independent SPA application with SSR based on existing components. I would be happy to use Frontity for this, but the customer wants results in a short time, and is not ready to rewrite everything on React.

Actually the question:
In your subjective opinion. which will be faster, rewrite everything anew on React or use Vue (Nuxt.js, or something else)?

Hi @veliky.dev,

How do you connect your Vue application to the WordPress data? Are you using Headless Wordpress (this is accessing the data via REST API)

Is there any repository or URL where we can check the code or see the site?

Data is partially loaded along with the page (through wp_localize_script), partially from WP API (standard and custom endpoints).
Now it’s not headless, but we consider to make it so.
URL: https://social.bet

Hey @veliky.dev, it’s not easy to give you the right answer. But I think it’d be interesting for you to spend a couple of hours trying Frontity. If I were you I would follow the quick start guide to see everything that is solved by default with Frontity, and then study how much time would you need to invest with VUE in order to get SSR and the rest of the things.

I feel like it could be faster to migrate the components from VUE to React and build on top of Frontity, instead of building from scratch what the framework does from React to VUE.

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Hi @veliky.dev,

I subscribe @Pablo’s answer

Let me put my 2 cents in here.

IMHO you will get a better developer experience by going completely Headless. In this case your frontend app can be deployed completely separated (with a much more modern workflow)

Once you’ve gone Headless the key thing is making sure that the data is avaliable in the REST API. As long, as the data is in the REST API, it will be available for your Frontend components (React, Vue, Angular, …)

From there, is just a matter of choosing the Frontend framework that suits you best

Both React and Vue are great tools for building interactive user interfaces. Which one is better for
your project, will depend on factors like your specific product, business needs, environment,
developers, budget, timeframe, etc…

A few considerations regarding this:

It’s all right to prefer Vue for your development, it’s a great tool that we like a lot. For now, Frontity works only for React apps as we think is the framework with more future and possibilities (Wordpress started using React in its Gutenberg editor for example)

The super extra advantage of choosing the React + WordPress stack is that you can take advantage of Frontity which offers a lot of Features that will simplify a lot the development of projects using this stack