Viewing page served via add_rewrite_rule

Hi All,

Me again with probably a really simple question.

We’re building a site and using Frontity to handle the front-end, we’re building a plugin for the site in question which registers custom rewrite rules to serve data (these pages will have a unique token appended to perform some simple checks)

We’re adding the rewrite rules like this:


Now if we access the rewrite above via WP (, it is working as expected and I can pull the page.
When I attempt to access the same URL via Frontity (http://localhost:3000/listings/5000) I’m getting a 404 and the following error:

Error: post type from endpoints “posts,pages,media” with slug “5000” not found

I attempted to set up a simple handler after reading: How to create Custom Pages? but no luck (for those curious my handler is below):

const listingHandler = {
    pattern: "/listings/",
    func: ({ state }) => {["/listings/"].isListing = true;

I have a sneaking suspicion the handler is the key to this all working but I’m not quite sure what in the handler I should change to make this function.

I’m hoping someone could point me in the right direction, otherwise I’ll have to resort back to good ol’ query parameters.

Figured it out.

For those curious, it was a handler problem. I had to add a regex pattern to check for the last part of the url. My handler ended up looking like this:

const listingsHandler = {
  pattern: "/listings/:id",
  func: ({ state , params}) => {
    console.log(`The ID is: ${}`);

Hey @chris! I’m glad you got it working. As you said, without :id it wasn’t matching the pattern. Looking forward to see what you are building :blush: