Very first frontity theme?


I remember there was a theme in the very early days of frontity, on which, categories used to scroll horizontally. I mean browser through different categories with a swipe. Also after going into a post, there used to be a horizontal scroll as well (to next or previous post).

Does it still exist? I don’t know the name of it. But I really liked that theme, but can’t find it now. It looked really nice and handy.


Hey Shunbham!

The theme that you are describing is what we internally call Frontity PRO. It was the first theme we developed, before having the Open Source framework and was the origin of all this (you can read a bit more about our story here). It was based on an older version of the framework and it only had support for mobile devices, so we haven’t ported it yet to the new framework.

In any case, @David has been playing with animations a bit, you can take a look here: Proof of Concept: Frontity's Mars Theme with swipe

Regarding Frontity PRO, I can confirm that swipe and infinite scrolling are two features that have a positive impact on the pageviews per session and session duration metrics.


Hey @Pablo

Thanks for your reply!
Ah that’s why I couldn’t find it anywhere. It for sure must be helpful for pageviews and session duration.

New concept looks nice as well! Although if you can also integrate swiping through categories, it would be really awesome(just like Frontity PRO) :slight_smile:

It felt just like an app.

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Thanks for the feedback @Shubham, I’ll pass it on to the team :blush:

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