Using "material" components

Hello! So I have this form at that I was asked to do a set of “material” animations for. I did not have much time so I “hacked” together a jQuery implementation since I knew jQuery could do it quickly albeit quit grossly. However, my jQuery doesn’t run when you originally get to the form, it only runs after a reload on the form itself. This is my source code for it, I’m using useEffect. Could I get some help as to what is causing this?
Thank you!

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I really discourage you to mix jQuery with React. It leads to bad performance and UI problems.

These days there are React packages in npm for almost anything you can imagine. Here is a simple one to create a material-like button:

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Agreed. Is there anything I can do to implement this behavior?

In that example jQuery is only used to add/remove a CSS class, so yes, you should be able to implement that in React without any problems.