Using Firebase

Is thee any way to use firebase hosting to deploy ? I am using vercel at this moment, its fantastic. but i am just curious . Is there any way ?

Hi @debashishdab

You can use any node/serverless hosting to host your Frontity site. The reason we recommend Vercel is that the caching strategy is configured automatically for you.

If you want to use a different hosting platform you may need to configure the caching strategy yourself to optimise performance. In particular Vercel configures the stale-while-revalidate cache control directive for you, and you may need to do this yourself on another hosting platform.

See this page for more info.

BTW if you manage to successfully deploy to firebase we’d love to hear about your setup and how you did it so we can add it to our docs. We’re a small team and we can’t try to configure every hosting platform unfortunately.


Thank you. I will try and share my experience

I did a test like a year ago and it worked fine ( but I didn’t configure the CDN, only the Firebase Function for the SSR and the Storage to serve the statics.

So it works great, but it is not cached :slightly_smiling_face:

@debashishdab let us know how your experiment goes! :clap: