Use micro frontends inside wordpress

first of all after years I am stumbeling upon a old school forum. How come this kind of forum still works?

Ok, now my question.
I would like to keep Wordpress. I can change the theme. Develop a react theme in Wordpress.

Now I have a node.js app. Written with Next.js. What I would like to do is that manage user management and all that stuff from my Next.js app and also render some sites or components from Next.js into a page of Wordpress.
It would be nice if that all works like in an Jamstack. Like have micro frontends and include them into Wordpress pages.

Is Frontity helping me to get closer to my goal?
Or do you have any other ideas ?

Hi @anon89670425 ,

Frontity will help you (by simplifying the process) to generate an Isomorphic React App (Server Side Rendering + Client Side Rendering) that will make use of the data stored in your WordPress installation via its REST API

In this way, WordPress can focus only in the management of content, and the development of the final site can be done using a modern and flexible framework like React

The advantages of a project created with Frontity are several including: Great performance, SEO friendly sites and great developer experience

Have a look at the About Frontity page to learn more about what Frontity is and how it works

Hope this helps

Seriously, you just tell me what you have already on your website?
I think the answer is no… Frontity is just one way from Headless Wordpress to some React template.