Use Frontity on an existing ReactJS App

We are maintaining an App Build in ReactJS+Material UI and Redux.
What the client wants is to add Wordpress content on the footer of the App. Is there a way we can use just the component that fetch posts from Wordpress so we can put them on the footer of the ReactApp?

… I am not part of the core team of frontity so I am not able to tell you much about adding frontitiy to an ReactJS app.

I think to just display data in a footer it may be a bit of an overhead anyhow, have you thought about just adding an GraphQL plugin to WP instead?

Hi @playitsas ,

Welcome to the Frontity Community!!

Frontity is a framework to create Isomorphic React Apps (that can be rendered from both the Server side or the Client side). It’s also and opinionated framework (it uses its own state manager, it uses its own CSS In JS solution, …)

Because of this, I agree with @phn

I wouldn’t really recommend trying to make coexist a Frontity app with another React app

The only way I can think of to use a Frontity app inside another site would be by using and Iframe with the Frontity app.

Hope this helps