[Upcoming] REST API Head Tags plugin for WordPress

We are about to release the REST API Head Tags plugin. It adds a head_tags field for each entity, containing a list of head tags in JSON format, and it is intended to work with any SEO plugin that modifies the content of the <head> element.

The progress can be tracked here: https://github.com/frontity/wp-org-plugins/pull/10

Also, a new Frontity package named @frontity/head-tags will be developed to directly integrate with this plugin from any Frontity project.


I’ve updated the WordPress plugin for Head Tags post to show how the plugin will work at the end.

Working right now on the @frontity/head-tags Frontity package that will integrate Frontity sites with the REST API - Head Tags by Frontity plugin.

See the progress here :point_right: https://github.com/frontity/frontity/pull/242


Some updates on the REST API Head Tags plugin:

The first version of the plugin was submitted on December 19. The WordPress Plugin Review Team told us that there was a problem with the plugin name and it had to be submitted again with a few changes.

After some delay, the final version of the plugin was sent yesterday to the WordPress Plugin Repository and it is still under review. As soon as it gets published we will announce its official release.

Meanwhile @David has started working on the integration for All In One SEO, you can follow the progress here: https://github.com/frontity/wp-plugins/pull/17


Our plugin submission was approved :raised_hands:, so as soon as we finish the integration for All In One SEO Pack we will upload it.


Both the first version of the WordPress plugin and the Frontity package have been already released :tada:!

For more info check out the release announcement: