[Upcoming] New Frontity Theme with Chakra UI

I’m currently working on a new Frontity theme powered by the amazing Chakra UI library.

Here’s a link to the repo: https://github.com/chakra-ui/frontity-chakra-ui-theme


[Updates to Chakra UI Theme]

  • Theming support :art:: The theme uses Chakra’s ThemeProvider to provide colors to all components. This makes it super easy to update the overall color scheme.

  • Search Modal :mag:: The theme features a full page search modal to search the blog for specific content.

  • Mobile Responsive Styles :iphone:: The theme leverages the responsive styles in Chakra UI to ensure it’s fully mobile responsive.

  • Blog Progress indicator: For each blog post, readers can see a progress indicator showing how far they’ve read.

  • Mobile Menu Drawer: On mobile, the theme displays an elegant responsive menu to navigate the entire site

We’re currently fine tuning the theme styles and ensuring the code is as readable as possible. The beta version of the theme will be released soon.


hey @Segun anywhere we can see a working demo?

@sonicares, I’ll publish a working demo shortly.

Thanks for asking.

@sonicares. Here’s the link to the preview: https://frontity-chakra.now.sh/


That looks great! Wonderful job on the theme :smile::+1:

This is looking awesome @Segun! :smile:

I have a performance suggestion: use lazy="eager" for the first 3 images. They always appear above the fold, even in mobile. That way the browser can start loading them just after it receives the HTML (and before React loads) and we improve the First Contentful Paint metric a bit.