Two Place of Deployment Doubt

Hello Frontity Community,

I have done with step by step guide on Frontity, and now I know, at least, the basic of how to work Frontity, and of course, I have to deep dive. Before it, I have got a question in mind.

I just used the provided test WordPress URL in step by step guide. I have ever done some projects with ReactJS, but never touch WordPress before. So my question is do we need two hosting providers :grimacing:? One for hosting WordPress, and another one for Frontity.

I search for some free WordPress hosting. Some provide just trial, some provide free, but not allow to install plugins and so on.

I need advice and suggestions from the community. That is why I am writing here.

Thanks :grin:.

Hi @yanaunghein311

There are two ways to host frontity and wordpress

First Way - Embeded Mode

  1. You need a plugin in wordpress that is frontity emebed plugin.
  2. You can host fronity project on vercel and can just embed in wordpress

Second Way - Decoupled Mode

  1. You need to host your root domain to vercel
  2. You can host your wordpress on any server, no need any extra plugin.

Hope you got the point.

You can also read this answer, that should be helpful

I read that two modes on documentation, and my ideal way is decoupled mode. My question is that is there a way to host WordPress for free forever? :grin:

Now I am testing with pantheon from WordPress, and it works at first. Don’t know later.
How do you think about pantheon? Is it a good choice?

I don’t have any idea about the pantheon. I generally preferred cloud hosting to manage all of my sites.

How do you usually host your Frontity site?
Could you, please, explain me a little bit more about it.
I mean what cloud hosting?
Do you host two separating sites(WordPress site for data and Frontity site) on the same cloud or how?

I host WordPress on the main domain as other people do. It is just like you host your WordPress site on any server.

Like this main domain -

Then I host Frontity site on Vercel on my subdomain
Like this subdomain -

Finally, I install Frontity Embedded Plugin on WordPress, then just need to put the sub-domain URL in this plugin.

And all the things work properly.