Hosting Wordpress on a sub domain and Frontity on Vercel but pointing to my own domain


I’ve seen variations of this question asked before, but I couldn’t work out if it was exactly like I’m trying to describe.

Is it possible and will it work normally, if I install worpress on a sub domain of my own. So something like and then once I deploy my Frontity site to vercel, can I point my main site domain to the vercel site host. So all trafic to will see the Frontity app and the wordpress site will be hidden and unindexed by search engines? Will the Frontity app work as expected and page routing wont be affected?

I have hosted other react websites on vercel previously and just pointed my own domain name to the vercel host and this works fine.

hi @mckenna.niall, I have already given a similar answer here. You can read the answer, and I hope you will get your answer. But still, if you don’t get satisfy, then please let me know here

Thanks @santoshdevnath15 for your reply. I had read that thread already, though 1 thing wasn’t clear to me. I don’t want my Frontity app to sit on a subdomain or have the word “frontity” in the domain. So although my Frontity app is on Vercel’s servers, can I point their DNS at my own personal domain?

Thanks for your help.

you can use your own subdomain on vercel. Vercel provides the option to change the domain.

Awesome thanks, I’ve got it sorted now.

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