Tutorial issue: No output to browser

I’m following the tutorial. I’ve gotten to this section:

– edit –

I want to link to a page in the tutorial, but this forum has an automated block. When I try to post the link I get a message saying that I can’t post that link.

You should be able to find the link if you google “frontity tutorial” and “connect-the-root-component-to-the-state”

– edit –

I added the example code. But I’m not getting any output to my browser. Just a white screen. No errors in the js console.

I thought that maybe I’d transcribed the code incorrectly in my editor, so I deleted what I had and just copypasted the snippet. There was still no output to my browser.

Just to make sure the browser was reloading, I did a manual browser refresh. Still no errors and no output.

I’m running ‘npx frontity dev’ in a terminal window. That isn’t showing any errors either.

What could be happening here?