Trouble using console.log() inside templates - nothing logs to console

Description: Trying to use console.log() to help with Frontity theming

Specific Errors: No errors, but nothing printed in the browser console either. I’ve tried placing console.log() statements in various places, including embedding the expression inside the return statement as outlined here:

I’m just trying to get the hang of Frontity, and console.log() is a bit part of JS troubleshooting. Here’s a Gist of the script I’m playing with:

So far it’s been great working with Frontity and I look forward to using it!

Thanks all

This was a Firefox console issue. Although I had no filters applied while reporting this issue, as soon as I opened my Frontity app in another tab and activated developer tools there, all console.log() statements were showing as expected. Somehow my tab/dev tools instance was just corrupted and after a long day/night of learning new things I forgot to apply basic troubleshooting steps.

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@jpollockgc Glad to hear you were able to solve your issue.