Tiny Router API

I create this topic to discuss how this API should be.

To start with it, this package should

  • allow you to change the URL easily using a link or a pathname
  • change the URL in the state and in the browser’s address bar at the same time
  • allow pagination (i.e. URLs like https://my.site/category/example/page/2)
  • listen to changes in the browsing history and update the state


It was mentioned in other posts to use something like the following:

  • url: the full URL (to be used in the address bar and by analytics extensions)
    • it can be a derived prop of the next two.
  • path just the pathname of the URL (without the page)
  • page: the page number


  • set({ path, page }) I’m not sure which would be the best arguments to pass to this action


  • Some functions to handle window.location and window.history APIs, and a listener for the popstate event.
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