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We want to generate Theme using Fontity also do we have any UI panel build where we can Customize the theme, like color changing, changing the layout , adding Banners like that.

looking for some direction in this regards

Thanks in advance


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Hello @atmohsin and welcome to our community!

Frontity is a React framework to develop WordPress themes using React. You can use mars-theme or twenty-nineteen as a starting points but you will need to learn JavaScript & React in order to customize the code and add the features you want.

There’s no UI panel to customize the look & feel of the themes, you’ll have to do this directly in the source code.

Right now Frontity is prepared to save the settings in the frontity.setting.js file, but that means that each time you want to change a setting you need to redeploy your app. Is that ok?

If it is not, why not? What is your use case?

And finally, where would you want to save the settings of the theme? On WP? Any other place or database?

By the way, right now we only have a file-settings package that reads settings from the frontity.setting.js file but Frontity is prepared to support additional settings packages. For example, it’d be possible to create a wp-settings package.

Oh, and there is yet another way to do this. Create a PHP plugin for WP that let the user configure only the things that are customizable in your theme (not all Frontity settings). Save those settings in the WP database. Finally, expose those setting in a new endpoint of the REST API and retrieve them in the beforeSSR action of Frontity.

It all depends on your use case.

Thanks for the replay all, We will check this.


Sure. I’d love to know your final decision. We can also help you with the code in any case :slight_smile: