The Events Calendar plugin

Hello, dear community,

I wanted to use this plugin for the functionality of the calendar itself.

I wanted to do something similar to the way you do with contact form 7.

const Html2react = libraries.html2react.Component;

const content =["11"].content;

return (       
            <Html2react html={content.rendered} />

But I guess the only way to do something like that with Frontity is to embed a shortcut code of the plugin in a page or post of my WP installation, right?

According to the plugin’s website Calendar Embed Shortcodes | Knowledgebase | The Events Calendar , to get a shortcut I need to go for the pro version. Correct me if I’m wrong.

In case I decide to use just the free version I don’t get the shortcuts codes, so I can’t use the functionalities of the calendar views by month, day, etc, right?. So I can just get the data provided by their REST API. You can check here The Events Calendar REST API Reference | Knowledgebase | The Events Calendar.

So if I use the free version, that’s means I have to code the calendar functionality and all the styling, right?

Could be nice if someone can share some thoughts or knowledge about this.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @alex.fernando.801

I haven’t used this plugin, but it looks like you’re right. To get the shortcodes you need to get the pro version.

If you use the free version then, yes, you need to work with the data in the REST API and code up your own front end, so you need to balance the cost of the pro version of the plugin against the amount of time you’ll need to spend coding up your own solution using the REST API data.

Bear in mind that even if you go for the pro version and use the shortcodes that you’ll probably still need to do some styling in the front end.