Table of contents

Is there any way to have a dynamic table of contents?

I have tried many plugins on wordpress but none of them displays correctly on frontity.

hey @alin2. I would love to help you but we need way more context to do that.
Can you please elaborate a bit more?

Well, I need either a way that frontity automatically creates a ToC inside of a post or a plugin than does that on wordpress side and is correctly displayed on the blog post page in frontity

I dont believe there is a way to do it, as far as I know. I have done something like this on a frontity site before.
In my case I made a processor, for the blog page content that finds all the headings and orders them in an array with refs to the items on the page. Then pass this to a component and you are good to go.
You could also do it the ‘simple’ non-react way. Just get all your headings from the dom and build the table of contents yourslf.
Good luck.