Support for PHP based real-time chat

Hi there,

Kind of new to the forum here as though we’ve built decoupled wordpress sites before, this is the first time we’re trying to use Frontify.

Before we proceed with the project, one essential aspect of it is a real-time chat client that’s currently been built in wordpress with plain old PHP. Is there a way that we could get something like that to play nicely with Frontify?

Or is it best really to build a JS based chat app sepparetly to the wordpress+frontify setup?


Hi @tayo

Welcome to the Frontity community. Great to hear that you’re considering using Frontity for your next project.

If the real-time chat client adds data to the WP REST API then it could be possible to use the data within Frontity, although you may still need to create your own JS/React logic. However, the logic could still be handled by the PHP code if it accepts POST requests - although there might be some authentication hurdles to overcome.

Also if the WP real-time chat program does accept POST requests ensure that it sanitizes any received data. If not you may have to ensure that sanitization is done in your Frontity code.

Without knowing the details of the implementation of the real-time chat application I can only provide these kind of generic guidelines. I hope that you nevertheless find it helpful.