Support for mp4 videos

Hello, I am needing to include support for mp4’s but I cannot find the configuration file.
Can you direct me as to how I would be supporting mp4’s in frontity?

I was hoping to learn the framework but I use video backgrounds so it’s definitely a deal breaker for me.


Hey @mpaccione1991, welcome to the community :slight_smile:

May I know the reason you want to host it in Frontity instead of WordPress?

Ah yeah that would work for production…

I suppose I’m used to being able to just resolve it in the package for quick development mocking locally…

Okay not a dealbreak :wink: , so far frontity seems like a go to framework for the react / wordpress setup. I’ll have to incorporate semantic ui when I jump back on the project. Looking forward to doing that.

The one thing I noticed was it was really intense running it locally. My inspector performance dropped off a cliff. I basically couldn’t edit props in the dev tools because it lagged too hard. I noticed it would start out fast and then degrade. So I dunno felt like memory leak, maybe my code, maybe not, didn’t spend too much time tinkering. A bit of a tangent but thanks. :+1:

Awesome. Let us know how it goes :slight_smile:

Yes, sorry about that. I discovered the problem and we are going to fix it in the next sprint: