Styling of separate pages not taking

I’m trying to style the pages that comes from WP but nothing “takes”. I’ve tried different solutions that I found on this forum but no luck.

The page is called Böcker, and I added this line of code into the Switch in index.js
<Bocker when={data.isPage && == "/bocker/"} />

And my Bocker component looks like this

const Bocker = ({ state, actions, libraries }) => {

  const data = state.source.get(
  const page = state.source[];

  // Get the html2react component.
  const Html2React = libraries.html2react.Component;

  return (
      <Title dangerouslySetInnerHTML={{ __html: page.title.rendered }} />

        <Html2React html={page.content.rendered} />

export default connect(Bocker);
const Container = styled.div`

background-color: pink;
const Title = styled.h1
color: blue;
size: 2rem;

I also tried to skip the component all together and instead put this in the switch
{ === "/bocker/" && <Global styles={bockerStyles} />}
and have a separate bockerStyles to target styling of the page but that didn’t work either.
Please help

Hi @nattpojkenochdagflic

Welcome to the Frontity community. It’s great to hear that you’re trying out Frontity.

I think you might have an error on the third line in your code snippet. I think you’re missing the data type, so you might need to change it to:

const page =[];


const page = state.source[data.type][];

Hope this helps. Let us know.

Thank you but sadly no, that doesn’t solve it. I’ve changed to that too.

Hi @nattpojkenochdagflic

Can you provide a link to a repo so that we can take a look at your code and/or clone your project to see what’s going on.