Styling a theme

Hello again,

I would like to edit the mars theme according to provided PSD so can anybody guide me where I can start with.

The requirement is so simple.

  1. I have ready WP REST API
  2. Would like to add a theme header, footer and multilevel menu
  3. Want to add the CSS so I can design the theme according to my needs

Help will be appreciated!


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Sorry for the lack of documentation.

What Frontity is using for CSS is a library called emotion. Their docs are great and it’s super simple to use:

You can import the APIs directly from frontity, like this:

import { styled, css, Global, keyframes } from "frontity"

That’s pretty much it. Add React components and use Emotion to style them!

You can build your own using React or you can search for a library that is simple to use and fits your needs:

That’s up to you. Welcome to the React world :slight_smile:

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