Styles in frontity

Are there any limitations with styles and react.js animations in a frontity project? Around a month ago I tried to include AntDesign framework into a frontity app, but the particular page where I wanted to use Ant components seemed a little freeze and according to docs in frontity We need to add <GlobalStyles/ >, so the frontity app take the Ant styles, but this caused that some of the styled-components of that particular page I coded were overwritten.

Besides that, I would like to know if there are any limitations with react.js animations or other kinds of npm libraries? because some of them sometimes require a tag to run or Document.query calls.

Thank you so much in advance.

Hi, @alex.fernando.801 Frontity support JSX for styling. so any UI/UX framework that supports JSX will be very good for frontity. Otherwise, all the time whenever you load the page, the design will be freeze for some time.

Frontity recommends using Chakra UI, and it is fully compatible with frontity.

And yes, you can use animation but you have to code that animation code in JSX, and also you can use few components of Chakra UI for animation.

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Thanks @santoshdevnath15 , sorry for the really late reply. I haven’t try Chakra Ui yet but seems great for some quick setup animations.