just beginning with this framework. I am very interested in it. However I already stumbled over something that I dont understand. I did a fresh ‘npx frontity create my-app’, created a wp site via Local-by-flywheel, check that I can access its rest api endpoint via browser.

I followed one of your guides. There its written that I have to change state.source.api in frontity.settings.js to my URL, which I did.

HOWEVER, there is no state.source.api, but only state.source.url.

I only got error ‘page not found’. I then changed state.source.url to state.source.api and now it works.

So, whats going on there?

Hi @Owl

The latest version of Frontity, which you’ve just installed, now uses state.source.url. state.source.api will still work as it’s backwards compatible. We still haven’t updated our docs on this, so sorry for the confusion. The docs will be updated soon - hopefully this week.