Sprint X Review and Sprint X+1 Planning

The idea of this discussion is to share at the same time, at the end/beginning of each sprint, a review of what has been accomplished and the next sprint planning. It will be done after the GitHub board has been completed each 2 weeks. This way, the whole team and the community would have more visibility.

Note that the initial idea is that the retrospective (where we talk about what do we think it could be improved), takes place in another discussion. In this one we will include just facts, not opinions: what have we done, what we couldn’t finish and what are we planning to do in the next sprint.

Template example


This is the summary of the Sprint X

What has been done:

This would be pretty similar to the current announcements, and we can copy&paste it.

What has not been done:

Issues added after the sprint planning:

Issues removed after the sprint planning:

Sprint planning

This is what we’re planning to do in sprint X+1

- Sprint board

Feature Discussions in development:

Feature Discussions in research:


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Looks great to me @SantosGuillamot!