Sprint 7: WordPress comments package released

Sprint 7 planning

This sprint will go from the 2nd September to the 30th September. This is going to be our focus, in this order:

Apart from this, we’ll do the research of the Server Extensibility during this sprint.

Included in the sprint :


You can keep track of the process at the Sprint board.

Sprint 7 Review

For a more detailed view of the final status of the sprint you can check the GitHub board .


In progress

Not started

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Hey @SantosGuillamot didn’t we released the Smart Ads package last week? It also appears as released in the Feature discussion. Can you clarify?

We released it after the sprint planning that we had two weeks ago so it’d part of the Sprint 8. As I was on holidays I didn’t have time to write this topic before, but I wanted to do it anyways although it was late.

Oh! My bad, now I understand it :slight_smile: