Some Frontity based Monkey business


After spending 5 years developing compliance software I recently started freelancing again so I could “Modernise” my skillset.

This involved a bit of an industry trend assessment.

I found myself veering towards React. Then after looking at Gatsby and Next (as replacements for the traditional understrap based sites) I discovered the shiney new Frontity framework.

Which seemed perfect.

So, I’ve spent the past couple of weeks playing with Frontity to build my new website,
you can check it out here:

I must admit I’m impressed with Frontity, I’ve hit hardly any errors, which for a brand new framework is quite an achievement.

This is my own website so I can be a little experimental. As such I’ve included quite a bit of animation and image loading to measure performance impact.

This is currently deployed to Zeit Now and serving images from

Thanks to a @luisherranz for the wp-rest-cache tip I’m now at 100% for 3 of the lighthouse metrics.

A couple of aria issue to fix then I’ll be adding custom post types and setting up additional deployments to do a comparison.

Then, pending some polishing/housekeeping I’ll make the repository available…


Hey @shaun thanks a lot for sharing and welcome to Frontity :blush:

Awesome! Looking forward to seeing the code :slight_smile:

Awesome Shaun! Thanks for sharing your site with the community, much appreciated. :clap:

Is it ok for you if I include it on the next Frontity newsletter as well?

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Hi Reyes,
Yes, more than happy for you to share the site.

I’ll be doing some updates over the next couple of days and will add credits/link to for you too.



Great, thank you Shaun!

Wow some amazing work. :heart_eyes: