Should Frontity framework development use TypeScript?

Frontity provides support for Typescript in Frontity projects.
Typescript is also used internally for the development of the framework itself

Typescript seems to be very trendy lately as it’s one of the favorite “flavours” chosen by javascript community

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But… there are some interesting projects like Svelte and Deno that are moving away from Typescript (or at least they’re not imposing it to contributors)

So I’d like to open this conversation regarding the use of TypeScript in Frontity.

For this conversation, I think we can make the difference of two things:

  • Using Typescript in Framework and packages code
  • Using Typescript in Frontity project (provide Frontity support)

I’d like we focus this conversation on the use of Typescript for the development of the Framework and its packages

  • What are the benefits of using Typescript in the development of the framework?
  • Are there any current limitations in the code (organization, structures, …) because of the use of Typescript?
  • What features of Typescript (type checking, interfaces, …) are currently being used in Frontity?
  • Are there alternative ways of applying these features in the code?
  • Is Typescript a requisite for packages development?
  • Being Frontity an Open Source project… do you think using Typescript could be a barrier for contributors of the framework?