Short version of --dont-open-browser


The --dont-open-browser flag in npx frontity dev is very long to type out. Using commands should be as short and efficient as possible.

Possible solution

Add a -d, or similar terse version, as an alternative to the --dont-open-browser flag.

I agree --dont-open-browser could be a bit long. However, @luisherranz just merged a Pull Request to get rid of all the short flags in the CLI because they weren’t consistent, so I wouldn’t use -d until we agree on a standardize way to create them. Do you know how other tools are doing it? I guess this is a typical flag.

We have --no-prompt. Maybe this could be renamed to --no-browser?

Would it makes sense to use --browser none? I mean, if you don’t use that flag it would use the default browser, but maybe it’s also interesting in the future to be able to use this same flag to open different browsers if wanted.

I’ve seen that Create React App has an environment variable for something similar, and I thought it could be interesting.

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I like this idea! :ok_hand:

We have some untested and undocumented support for the BROWSER env variable so it makes sense :+1: