SEO problem with Frontity

We have recently launched a new product which is built using the awesome Frontity. By the way, thank u for the framework!!!

I Just noticed something.
When I search componentity on google, It does not come up!!!
or even when I search on google again nothing!
Check out

But surprisingly I see our codepen account and the original website link which we use as headless.

This is the GitHub link

Your meta tags are working properly, componently is not ranking because your site is new, Google ranking does not work how you think it does, buddy.

Your SSL certificate is also broken/free one. Make more social pages for componently with content, link those to your site, and you’ll rank faster. Also, hope you already submit your sitemap to Google.
Better yet, launch your product on Producthunt, you might rank in a day.


Thank you, buddy! I also thought so.
Just added this topic to grow attention and find out if it has a problem.
Will consider your suggestions :blush:

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Looks like your site is ranking now, even if you just search for componentity (without the .com):

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Hey Yahya! That’s great to hear. If the project is finished, feel free to share it in this category along with the GitHub repo: :slight_smile: