SEO Crawability

Hey all,

My website had decent google presence while using PHP wordpress install. However, after moving to Frontity (using head-tags), I have noticed it has been removed from google search results.

I have now manually set the robots:

But this checker still says there is a problem with crawability?

I’m not missing anything right? That robots.txt should allow googles crawler?

Any help greatly appreciated,

Ok I think I solved this. I had enabled ‘Discourage search engines from indexing this site’ on my wordpress install and because frontity/head-tags takes the whole head section, I had a no-index meta tag on my frontity installation.

I have disabled this option and purged the wordpress head tags plugin cache and it looks good.



Awesome, glad you managed to solve your issue. It’s alway worth checking your WordPress configuration and not just assume that it’s a problem with your code. I’ve fallen foul of that one too! :laughing: