Sanity check with a community theme

Hi there, I have come across Frontity while looking at options of getting a theme by ‘HTML5 UP’ to work.
It is all fairly new to running web apps in this manner but I am starting to get my head around it, I started off by following the tutorial documents and have themed my own basic site to some success.

I am however stuck when it comes to importing a community theme, I am just not 100% sure on the process but I have just noticed that the theme in question was not updated for ~2 years - not sure if this has made it incompatible or not.
I have run ‘npm install @matnard/dimension-theme’ and also changed the settings to direct to this.

I was wondering if anyone would mind trying to install this theme themselves to see if it still works, or give me pointers on how to install this.

Link to the theme:

Many thanks.