Run frontity application on https in Windows VPS

I used frontity to develop a site for a client.
for deployment the client requires that the site be deployed on a Windows VPS server.
Currently I have installed a certificate on the server (which works well), but when I launch the site with the command “npx frontity serve --port PORT_NUMBER” it returns the site in http instead of https.

so I would like you to help me find a solution on how to force the frontity site to open on https.

Thank you

Hi @eudeskouassi,

In the docs page of the serve command you can see a list of the arguments that can be used with this command

One of them is the --https argument that is exactly for that: to launch a site using https instead of the default http

So for example, a command that starts a server (using the code in the build folder generated by the npx frontity build command) using https and port 3002 would be

npx frontity serve --https --port 3002

Hope this helps