Routes from Chakra UI theme


I’m working on a heavily modified Chakra Ui theme and I need to change the route of{-authorName-} and{categoryName-} but I don’t know where these routes come from.

What I want to do is remove the ‘/author/’ from the URL so I can use{authorName} instead.

I have tried to use a custom handler to redirect{authorName}

to Archive, it works but I don’t have the posts attached to the link like in{authorName}

Is there way I can modify these routes instead of adding another handler ?


Also i’ve read in other topic that /author/{authorName} is a wordpress route, but the wp i’m working works when I do{authorName} , but does not when I do{authorName}

I’ve changed the archive author url to equivalent in my language on wp settings using a plugin , it works in wp but got 404 on frontity

url looks like this in wp
this works in wp but does not in frontity