Requests to

I am using with frontity but I have some error requests.
My source of the configuration file contains:

"api": "",
"isWPCom": true

This configuration tries to request the post from

Do I have to make some other change in my theme?

The frontity version is:
“frontity”: “^ 1.1.0”,
“@ frontity / core”: “^ 1.1.2”,
“@ frontity / wp-source”: “^ 1.1.5”,
“@ frontity / tiny-router”: “^ 1.0.9”,
“@ frontity / html2react”: “^ 1.1.5”,
“@ frontity / mars-theme”: “./packages/mars-theme”


@david could you please take a look at this?

Oh, wait, that’s the old API (v1.1).

The new one (v2) should be:

More info here:

By the way, isWPCom is not needed anymore :slight_smile:

Perfect! thx

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