Redirect to external site not working

I’ve followed the redirections doc from Redirections with Frontity - Frontity Docs and decided to use the alternative usage method. To do this, i have a post handler that checks whether a route is required to be redirected. If it is, then we set the[route] to the redirect data object. The code snippets are shown below:

// redirect post
if (state.source.redirectionsData) {
  const redirect = getRedirect(route, state.source.redirectionsData);
  if (redirect) {[route] = state.source.redirectionsData[redirect];

This is how the redirect data object is

const getRedirectionData = (route: string) => {
  const destination = redirectionsMap[route];
  return {
    isReady: true,
    isRedirection: true,
    is301: true,
    redirectionStatus: 301,
    isExternal: true,
    location: destination,

The issue i have with this is that is does not work when the destination website is an external site i.e. when isExternal = true, there will be an illegal invocation error when redirecting on the client side as shown below.

The error is specifically on the line window.replaceLocation(data.location) in tiny-router/src/actions.ts snippet below.

// If the data is a redirection, then we set the link to the location.
// The redirections are stored in just like any other data.
  const data = state.source?.get(link);
  if (data && data.isReady && isRedirection(data)) {
    if (data.isExternal) {
      window.replaceLocation(data.location);        <--- This line errors
    } else {
      // If the link is internal, we have to discard the domain.

I have also checked that the data object for the route to redirect is correctly set when checking on browser console on

  is301: true
  isExternal: true
  isFetching: false
  isReady: true
  isRedirection: true
  link: "/safety/.../"
  location: ""
  page: 1
  query: {}
  redirectionStatus: 301
  route: "/safety/.../"

Some clarifications:
When isExternal = false, both server and client redirect works.
When isExternal = true, only server redirect works, client redirect does not work.

Is this a bug on tiny-router or did i do something wrong here?