Recommended way to allow user registration

I’ve been working with a variety of plugins that allow for registration and have it working using the WP REST API User plugin. But there are issues that don’t allow me to use it as effectively, like rendering error messages and adding meta fields. Has anyone in the community successfully setup registration? Appreciate any direction.


Hi @justin

This doesn’t implement registration, but you might get some idea of how to implement it by looking at the code of the Contact Form 7 package for Frontity. This displays the send status of the form in Frontity so it might give you a clue regarding getting error messages back.

If you successfully manage to do this and implement it as a package, you may like to consider sharing it in the NPM repository so that other Frontity users can benefit in the same way that the author of the CF7 package did.

Do let us know how you get on with this, or if you need any help in implementing a registration package.

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