Recommended Hosting for Frontity App


What is the recommended hosting for a Frontity app?

It looks like Vercel is recommended, looking at the docs:

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And what about a hosting service that can have apache and node on the same server? This way only one service is required

@EpicWebs is right. Currently, our recommended hosting is Vercel as it is serverless, cheap, includes CDN, and really easy to set up.

That’s a good idea if you want to use the embedded mode of Frontity. For that, you would need to use the Frontity Embedded Mode - [Proof of Concept], which is a WordPress plugin that replaces the theme and embeds Frontity instead.

As its name says, it is a proof of concept, although it works fine, you can give it a try.

If you don’t use that plugin and you still want to use the same machine a node.js server and an apache server, note that you would have to configure a reverse-proxy, as both servers would share the same domain name.