Read before adding new features

Suggest new features to keep improving Frontity, vote the ones you are interested in, follow the progress and join the discussion of their design.

Important things to consider about this category:

  • We have our own public Roadmap, so people can have more visibility of what we have in mind, and we will add a topic for each feature at this category to follow the progress of it and discuss the best implementation with the community.

  • Everyone can suggest a new feature by opening a new topic following the template. We’ll review it and add it to our Roadmap after clarifying the needs.

  • You can vote for the features you are interested in. It’s an important factor for us in order to prioritize them and this way, you’ll also keep updated.

  • You can get involved in the design and development of each feature at its own topic.

  • Do you feel comfortable developing a feature yourself? Let us know and we’ll be glad to guide you :relaxed: