React App Template + frontity i confused in combining of that two. help :c

Hello, I have a react template that I bought,
And I need admin panel like Wordpress has.
i created new frontity package ‘Custom-theme’ and put there my react template files.

here should be an image…

So, in my template in folder src I have some dev files like sass styles and some Js files, as I understand the frontity wants specific imports of css files by using Global , i just did that in my root component.

here should be an image…

that is scss file in template that imports all styles in it,

here should be an image…

and i tryed to repeat that by using Global

here should be an image…

is that correct to do like that ?

and how i should import my JS files from template ? - do i need to do in my custom-theme something like npm run build and take main.js file (final file that i get after npm build script) and import it somewere? or how?
by the way i did that before with styles as you noticed here:

here should be an image…

is that correct? or there is other way to do that?

here should be an image…

I’m just a little confused
and i`m not a super programmer too , just beginner C:
thank you in advance;

and here i gethered all images becouse i can put only one. sorry…

Hi @jwd.05.mail

Firstly, welcome to the Frontity community.

It looks like you’re largely on the right track. Is there a specific problem that you’re experiencing? Or are you just looking for re-assurance that you’re following best practice?

Check out this example repo which demonstrates using an external library (in this case BootStrap) with Frontity.