Public folder for script tag references


Is there a way to have access to a static folder before run time? So I can reference script tag references like Facebook Pixel or custom sitemap.xml or site.manifest files?

E.g. the fav.ico seems to be in the public domain


This seems to solve my problem… copy and paste files into static on post build.

Although I noticed that static folder doesn’t seem to allow me to see or access any JS files? Everything else works fine. So to get around that I just reference the public Vercel URL.

"scripts": {
    "dev": "frontity dev",
    "build": "frontity build",
    "postbuild": "cp ./packages/mars-theme/src/static/* ./build/static/",
    "serve": "frontity serve"

Hi @james,

Maybe this will help you with the Sitemap: XML Sitemaps landing in WordPress Core

And as far as I understand your problem with the scripts, maybe this will help you: Execute script tags found in content

Kind regards