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I need to create a custom theme for local business with the main focus on simple design and good SEO optimization.

The business itself has a lot of services they offer. All of the services should always be visible on the side while the active one should fill most of the space (like the main content). Very simple layout.

Now, I am a React Developer and I am not that involved in WordPress. I’d love to create a Frontity theme that will follow this kind of layout but I have a problem of understanding the following:

  1. Should I create those services as Pages or Posts in order to achieve better SEO ranking.

  2. Also, I am a bit confused, on my theme/components/index.js I have component but I don’t see component. So I am kinda lost between Post / Pages and how everything works in Frontity/WordPress.

I would appreciate a little help, or if you could share some valuable resources so I can find out the way to perfectly organize my code based on the things I mentioned.

Thanks a lot.

Hi @mh123

I would suggest that you create a Custom Post Type for services, separate from the standard WordPress posts and pages. See here for configuring Frontity to consume Custom Post Types and Custom Taxonomies. You may not need a Custom Taxonomy if your services are not going to be categorised at all. Here’s an example.

In case you need it here’s an intro to creating Custom Post Types in WordPress, and here are full the docs for the register_post_type function.

Regarding your question 2, I’m afraid I don’t quite understand. Could you provide a bit more detail. Thanks.


Thank you very much. No further questions. :slightly_smiling_face:

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